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Thermocube hot water storage is centralised hot water storage system providing heated, sanitised water through an indirect heat transfer process. Mains water flows through the heat exchanger set and gathers heat stored by the water in the tank. The temperature of the thermal store is maintained by heat pumps or any other efficient heating system.


The THERMOCUBE™ is supplied in an easy to assemble kit form. Components can be transported in a standard lift or be carried up stairs. All components fit through standard single doorways. No special heavy rigging is required.


We offer a full design and supply service with experience and expertise to carefully consider health and consumption factors and apply the right solution for new & existing buildings.

Service & Back-up

We pride ourselves in our ability to support our clients and the products we supply. We employ qualified technicians and electrical contractors to ensure an extremely high the level of service and expertise.

After Sales Support

We carry a full compliment of spare parts in stock and believe in a quick turn around in service and repairs. We schedule annual service calls for our clients and maintain an accurate database of installed product and systems.

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Special Features

Heated water never leaves the tank and sanitised mains water, at regulated mains pressure, passes through purpose made 316L stainless steel heat exchangers which are suspended into the hot water within the tank, drawing heat therefrom. This heated sanitised water is then available for distribution.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchangers are fabricated from 316L stainless steel spiral corrugated tubing with 0.3 mm wall thickness which provides exceptional heat transfer properties. These heat exchangers have a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar.

Unique Manifold Design

The purpose made rectangular profile 316L stainless steel manifolds distribute the mains water equally through the heat exchangers whilst maintaining water pressure.

Polyurethane Panels

The polyurethane panels are the key feature of this tank. They are specially designed to slot into each other for ease of assembly. These panels are constructed from 36 kg/m3 polyurethane, foamed between 2 Chromadek sheets.

EPDM Rubber Liner

The Firestone Geomembrane liner is pre-manufactured to fit the specific dimensions of the tanks. The liner is moulded from an EPDM elastomeric membrane which has an excellent combination of high elasticity and tensile strength.


More Features

  • 316L Heat Exchanger
  • Only Sanitized water is fed into the hot water system
  • Tank is at atmospheric pressure – no safety valve required No mandatory pressure vessel safety inspections required
  • Bacteria (Legionella) free – due to the very low volume in the heat exchanger
  • Fast water replacement rate Low risk of scaling – smooth spiral tubing eliminates lime scale build-up
  • No electric elements in the tank
  • Counter flow heat exchanger arrangement with “reverse return” piping ensuring each circuit has the same pressure drop
  • Large bore tubing increases heat exchanger surface area and ensures a low water pressure drop
  • Pressure may be supplied to the building higher than the standard 4Bar tank ratings
  • Special spiral tubing creates high water turbulence, which results in exceptional heat transfer
  • Standard 5-year warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we convert our existing system?

YES – Thermocube™ is specifically designed with the retrofit/replacement market in mind. Generally existing boilers and heavy bulk storage tanks are installed in difficult to access plant rooms. The Thermocube™ is supplied in an easy to assemble kit form. Components can be transported in a lift or be carried up stairs. All components fit through standard single doorways. No special heavy rigging is required. The tanks compact, rectangular design saves space when installed in existing plant rooms.

Are we able to use our existing heat pumps?

YES – the Thermocube™ is compatible with any heat pump system. In fact, it is a superb neutral point for alternative or multiple heating solutions like solar, gas or inline electric heating.

Does it affect the water pressure?

NO - The purpose designed water manifolds and special spiral heat exchangers are specifically designed and selected to have a low water pressure drop. The water friction is kept to an absolute minimum resulting in an almost negligible effect on the water pressure. The heat exchangers are rated up to 10 Bar working pressure. This allows the system to be installed in high water pressure applications like multistory buildings and process plants.

Does it save money?

Yes – The unique patented insulated panel design eliminates temperature bridging and provides exceptional insulation. With an R - value of 2.65, this far exceeds the SANS 10400 – XA minimum requirement of 2.0 Standing heat losses are reduced considerably compared to poorly insulated steel tanks.

What industries use this system?

Thermocube™ is used extensively by Hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, student accommodation blocks, social housing developments, industrial and process applications, solar hot water heating applications – and many others. When used as a thermal store, THERMOCUBE ™ serves as an excellent indirect buffer tank for the HVAC industry as well as energy storage for the process plant market.

Where are you based?

We have offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg an have sales and service distribution partners in the Eastern Cape, Border, Garden Route, Free State and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

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